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What do you need in your marketplace?

Pick and choose from features to achieve your goals. Start small and grow. Adapt to specificities of your needs and market. Beside below modules we will integrate your own existing systems and solutions such as accounting, finance systems as well as features for Currencies Translation, SMS, Phone verification, Mail verification, PDF generation, Model / Product identification, Address verification, Live chat and chat boots and more.  Read more under Tech Stack & Tools. 

Advanced Search

 Search function by products, by name, product code, type, price comparison, by supplier, stock levels, estimated delivery times and more. Fast response times. 

Product Catalogue

Product and supplier management. Upload and manage full or limited product specifications and prices. Connect and consolidate product information from 3rd party product databases. Manage suppliers and simplify maintenance. 

Shopping Cart & checkout

Handle items from one or multiple vendors. Generation of quotation. Payment integration. Add promotion codes. Save cart for later function. “Abandoned cart” emails and other features to improve conversion.

Account Requests & Verification

Receive new applications for account creation requesting and accepting specific approval documents etc. Automatic document verification and approval. 

‘My Account’ Dashboard

General account information. Stored shopping carts and quotes. Previous transactions. Order history. Manage payment methods, purchase limits, shipping details. Order tracking. Invoice payment history, outstanding balance.

Customer & Leads Management

Full CRM functionality and leads management capabilities. Customer database. Customer payment information. Lists generation. Analytics. Easily import and export data and files. Automatically verify phone numbers and emails. Set automated email / SMS notifications and reminders. 


Order Management

List of new, processed and closed orders. Details of existing orders. Canceled orders. View payment transaction information. Bulk orders. Fulfill orders including packing slips and invoices. Manage backorders and pre orders. Automatic status emails to customers. Credit management. Ratings of sellers based on shipment & timely delivery. 


Back End & Control Panel

Back end dashboard and management panel for operations and control. Set various permission groups for access control (admin, guest, types of customer-based, customer category, customer service, etc.). Traceability into log-ins and changes. Managing sellers (seller codes, lead time (duration, stock, pricing, rates). Full content and document management.  

Marketing & Campaigns

Pick from a range of integrated campaign and marketing services. Create, send and follow up SMS, email and sales campaigns. Build your own integrated website. Enable time saving and effective automatic multiposting. Search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimisation (organic search) and pay-per-click, or Google Ads (PPC). “Click to Shop”. Content marketing and more..

Engagement Options

What suits you best?

We are easy! Let’s find a suitable engagement option for you and let’s start to build a successful marketplace together!

  • Design your white labelled marketplace.
  • Leverage our existing technology, features, APIs, 3rd party tools and templates straight into your marketplace.
  • Let us take care of maintenance meaning no hassle, no responsibility and lower cost for you.
  • Subscribe to our Marketplace-as-a-Service and ‘pay as you go’.


  • Design and customise your own ideal marketplace from scratch.
  • Leverage features, APIs, 3rd party tools and templates 'out of the box' into your marketplace.
  • Store the system on your server and fully own the IP.
  • Continue development and support yourself inhouse or continue receiving support from us.