Due to the pandemic, 2020 proved to be huge for eCommerce. While Covid-19 hastened changes across many industries, the avalanche of change is expected to continue into and beyond 2021. What do you need to know to stay on trend?

Being available online in the B2B market gives you access to a massive customer base with new opportunities and can help you get a more direct access to buyers. This is known as D2B: direct to business.

1. Consumers often shop in marketplaces before Ecommerce stores

As most consumers continue to favor convenience, many companies have started offering online shopping. Still, they don’t necessarily have the infrastructure to cope with the influx. As most of the big marketplace players have the infrastructure, they continue to show expansion. eBay and Amazon are both big marketplaces that you can use to sell your goods. Using the existing infrastructure makes your life simpler as they will handle the nitty-gritty of shipping and website upkeep so you can focus on your products and your customers.

2. Both B2C and B2B can experience benefits from eCommerce

Customers are not always the same as consumers; other businesses, both large and small, need suppliers that can trade even during the biggest upheaval in recent history. Being available on the internet in the B2B market gives you access to a massive customer base. This is known as D2B: direct to business.

3. ECommerce can increase your sales country-wide

In the time of a brick and mortar monopoly, businesses were often confined to selling only in their immediate vicinity; however, as we move into a world in which an excellent nationwide shipping partner can extend your reach to millions of potential customers, we see a world of change and disruption where a global audience can recognize those who are truly the best of the best.

4. Your chosen platform speaks for you

If you can provide a fantastic customer experience, you will be remembered. Customers will return for more, they will recommend your store to their friends, and your sales will inevitably go up. Ensure that the platform you choose is not only easy to set up but will also provide a seamless shopping experience. Your choices about displaying yourself online will speak volumes for who you are as a business, your strengths and weaknesses, and the amount of effort you put in.

5. No sales experience? No problem

Starting a business on the world wide web during Covid-19 can be one of the most empowering events in an entrepreneur’s life. Joining the online sales market has never been easier, and it can give you access to advertising platforms right beside the giants of industry such as Coca-Cola and Nike. Small businesses are having their time in the sun, with no experience of any kind. They work hard, create quality products, and thrive when they focus on their customers.

6. Multi-platform sales win

When you focus on only one channel for your business, you can alienate a group of consumers that don’t have access to that channel. The time to embrace social media with no reservations has finally come. Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube can all be used for advertising as well as sales. Using swipe-up links, shopping tags, and the built-in shopping services of these platforms. Even if they are looping GIFs, using video ads is one of the most effective mediums for those who spend their time on social media.